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 IMPORTANT: rank structures list

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT: rank structures list   Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:19 am

This post is served as a convenient reference to the rank structure only, please do not reply to this post

Below is the confirmed rank structure list (copy from IAZ's post)

Experience (EXP) points will be calculated by:

Every Evil Point you have is equal to 4 EXP points.
Every 1 unit of population is equal to 1 EXP point.

Calculate your total and round up to the nearest tenth.

AO1 Hellion
This rank is automatically given to you when you are in processing.

AO2 Demon
You receive this promotion when you are enlisted in the Army of Oblivion.

AO3 Death Mauler 6,500 EXP

AO4 Siege Beast 10,000 EXP

AO5 Dark Knight 14,500 EXP

AO6 Oblivion Knight 20,000 EXP

AO7 Megademon 26,500 EXP

AO8 Vanguard 34,000 EXP

AO9 Overseer 42,500 EXP

AO10 Executioner 52,000 EXP

AO11 Annihilator 62,500 EXP

AO12 Tyrant 74,000 EXP

AO13 Blood Lord 86,500 EXP

AO14 Overlord 100,000 EXP

Please make sure you have reached the required EXP level before posting for promotion, thank you king

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IMPORTANT: rank structures list
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