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 Promotion Process Reminder

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PostSubject: Promotion Process Reminder   Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:42 am

Greetings fellow Hell Spawns,

This is just a reminder about the process in which you receive promotions. I've just finished checking all members' EXP scores and ended up finding 5 members who met the requirements for the next highest promotion, including AO's first promotion to the rank of Vanguard. Several of you are border-line to receiving the next promotion.
Just remember, I will not be searching each members' scores on a regular basis. This was just a check to see who is keeping up with their profiles. IT IS UP TO YOU to calculate and keep track of your EXP points and to request a promotion. You may contact me by an in-game message, or preferrably, by creating a request in the Request Promotion section of the forum.
If you wish to be recognized for your outstanding duties, it is solely up to you to make yourself known as being eligible for promotions.
Seniority plays a large role. If you receive a promotion just 1 minute after another member has received the same rank, he will have seniority over you. So as you can see, keeping up with your scores is a must.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask yours truely.

Warlord of Oblivion
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Promotion Process Reminder
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