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 Recruiter System Description

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PostSubject: Recruiter System Description   Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:32 am

Fellow soldiers of Oblivion,

This is a new system which rewards members for successfully recruiting new soldiers into the Army of Oblivion. This is one way that members will be rewarded for contributing to the brotherhood.

This is the recruit structure currently in place:

1st recruit starts at 1000 EXP.
Each recruit following increases by 100 EXP.

For example.
1st recruit = 1000 EXP
2nd recruit = 1100 EXP
3rd recruit = 1200 EXP
so on and so forth.

I know a lot of you are probably thinking, "How can you know who recruited a specific new member?"
Well here is your answer.

When a new member joins, he must identify the member who invited him.

Give the deserved credit to the member who invited you to the Army of Oblivion.
Your recruiter cannot and will not receive rewards for his contribution to clan recruitment if you choose not to identify him/her.
Don't screw your buddy. Remember that you might be in his shoes, awaiting a reward for your honorable duties.

If you are unsure who your recruiter was, you can check out the new "Recruiter Invite List" and search for his/her name to identify the correct recruiter. Post a request in the "Recruiter Verification Request" section to announce who your recruiter was. Once your request is validated by the Administrator or Moderators, your request will be labeled as CONFIRMED. It will become locked and turned into a record for future needs. Your confirmed recruiter will then immediately receive his/her reward and such will be submitted to their Recruiter Profile.

Warlord of Oblivion
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Recruiter System Description
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